Where it began...

Hey, I’m Isabella.

The idea to create ELA SKIN CO. came when I had been making my own DIY tallow skincare for myself, and I was obsessed!

I realized in my health and wellness journey that it is so hard to find clean, non-toxic products that also smell amazing, and feel luxurious on the skin. The skincare market is filled with products containing chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and many more harmful ingredients. I wanted to create something that I would feel comfortable putting on my and my family’s skin!

This tallow butter was exactly what I needed in my life. Simple, nourishing, and luxurious. The ingredient list is short, and only contains the highest quality ingredients to ensure the product is safe for use on you and your family.

These products are also filled with nutrients that will nourish the skin leaving it hydrated and supple, rather than potentially harming your hormones.  And finally, the texture of our tallow butters is soft and light, not leaving you greasy. This texture adds a luxurious touch and we are obsessed! I know that this product is a staple for any woman’s skincare routine and I am so excited for you to add it to yours.